How to become a good YouTuber

Everybody knows YouTube. But how to become a good YouTuber?

Here are some tips:
1: Make a profile
a: Make a nice profile picture. Keep in mind that it needs to look good on all kinds of devices.
b: Make a banner. Here also keep in mind it will look good on different devices.
2: Make many video’s. A channel with only one video will not draw attention. You also need to regulary upload new video’s to your channel to keep people interested. This way you also can get subcribers. Having subscribers automaticly will generate more views.
3: Edit the video’s before uploading. If you upload video’s that have many mistakes, long periodes of silence, or boring during the first minute, people will not look at the video’s.
4: Optional: get advertising. ¬†YouTube lets you make money creating video’s. If you earn money, you can buy better equipment and make even cooler movies.
5: Make interesting clickbaits. If somebody searches for your video, they will select your video’s sooner if there is an attractive preview image.
6. Ask fellow YouTubers to talk about your channel in their video’s or post links. You can do the same for them.

that are the 9 steps to becoming a good YouTuber

Made by Marcel Cremers

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