What is copyright on youtube?

When you are editing your video’s, it is good to add some music to the video. But there lays a problem: most of the music is copyright protected. This means that you need to pay the owner of the music money if you want to use it for your own purposes. This fee can be quite high.
If you ignore the copy right, you can get an even bigger fine and get your YouTube video being removed. Or even worse: you can get banned from YouTube!
To avoid this problem, you can use copyright free music. It also can be downloaded from YouTube. Here are some YouTube channels that deliver you copyright free music, that you can use for your own YouTube films:
1 GFM\goblins from Mars
2 NCS\nocopyrightsounds
3 audio library no copyright music

Sometimes you want to use some funny pictures in your YouTube video’s. But be ware that these pictures also can be copy right protected. You can search Google for “no copyright images”, and you will find websites like:¬†https://pixabay.com/

So play it safe!

Made by Marcel Cremers

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