What can you upload on YouTube?

What you can upload on YouTube is infinite. You can create videos about cooking, personal experiences, your holiday highlights, jokes, music and so on. Everything is possible, but keep in mind that you respect the copyrights. Uploading somebody else’s material can get you into trouble. So keep it original and only post your own work. If you really need to upload the somebody else’s work, ask for their written permission. This way you can prove to YouTube that you may use it.

On my own channel, I put many videos with different themes. The themes I used till now were:

1 Gaming
Popular on Youtube. There are videos explaining how games need to be played or reviews about them.

2 Vlogging
Also popular on YouTube. Here you can follow my everyday life and see the great things I do (like playing with my friends and doing stunts)

3 Pranks
Humor is something most people like. In these videos, people make jokes with others. Like painting, somebodies face while he is asleep.

4 Minecraft
There are specific videos about playing the game Minecraft. This vast multiplayer game has many features. People love to see you play this game or explaining how to create something specific.

5 Music
Create your own music and let others listen.

6 Parody
Parody often is used to use the popularity of others. If you say your video is a parody of somebody else’s work, YouTube often treats you mild. But keep in mind that it clearly must be a parody. Like making a joke of a popular video clip. If your work is just a simple rip of the original, you will be banned for that.

7 Pokemon Pack Openings
Pokemon has many followers. One of the thrills is opening a package of Pokemon cards. Therefore there are plenty of videos of people opening these packages and revealing the random cards.

8 Challenge’s
Like eating a cup of sugar at ones in front of a camera or jumping 40 times, without spilling a glass of water. All kind of challenges. And others will try to equal your work.

9 Unboxing
Like opening a package of Pokemon, people like to watch you open all kinds of boxes. Like opening a TV box, and showing what is included with the TV.

Those are my ideas, but be free to make your own original videos!

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