What are the channels with the best No Copyright music?!

hello everybody my name is Marcel and today im gonna show you the best music channels with no copyright music lets start

1 NCS                                                                                                                                                             (why is NCS on nummer one? : because its a channel where all authors ar welcome they can make music for NCS there also are slow song’s there are nice song’s and also chill song’s so this is why it is number one)

2  audio libary-No copyright music                                                                                                                     (audio libary is a channel of youtube. they also have different producer’s and most of the song’s of YouTube audio libary are chill song’s)

3 The Fat Rat                                                                                                                                                (Why is the fat rat on number 3 : Because he not always make no copyright music. sometimes he also makes song with (C) / copyright but he makes very good music!!)

4 GFM/ Goblins From Mars                                                                                                                  (Here is for the gamers!! . GFM make’s gaming music. I also like the music of GFM very much<3)

This are the tips of the day Bye

Stay Tune!!


3 Best video Lifehacks

1 (The light hack :)  )  if you do not have Softboxe’s you also can use daylight but never film into the light!!

2 (The picture hack) You need 1or2 ipad/PC you need white light and a tool/thing you want to make a picture of. you just have perfect light!!

3 (The head set life hack) Do you hate when you make a gaming vid and you hearing the sound double in your vid there is only 1 simple thing to do: use a head set!








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What Are The Best Video Editing Programs?

Hello everybody my name is Marcel and im gonna show you the top 2 editing and photo desinger programs. lets start!

1 HITFILM PRO                                                                                                                (A very pricy$ editing program BUT THERE IS ASLO A HITFILM EXPRESS THAT IS A DEMO VERSION AND YOU CAN USE AS LONG AS YOU WANT)                       2 (THIS IS NOT FOR COMPUTERS) Power director                                                       ( power director is a good editing program for beginers but the anoying thing about it is that the logo will be right under in your video)


1 Afinity Photo                                                                                                                 (A good photo editing program but. there is no free version:(    )                                  2  PIxlr                                                                                                                              (Free and good)

these are the best choises                                                                                              IF SOMEBODY FINDS BETTER THAN ON THIS LIST  EXCUSE ME

Greetings from: Marcel Cremers

How to Get many Vieuws 2.0

Everybody wants many vieuws So here are some tips to get many vieuws

1   Make always key words                                                                                               (Keywords are. if you search something and you search vlog and your video has the keyword vlog than there faster finding it)

2   Always chose a kind of category of sort vid like sports games cars vlogs funny social

3 make Clickbait                                                                                                                 (people will watch faster your  vids)

4   make a intresting name                                                                                                  (Make good video names. not like Only vlog 1:( thats not a good name. a good name is Vlog 1 Hello everybody!!)

made by : Marcel cremers


How can ya make a Good Youtube password?

If you start a Youtube channel you alway”s need a Password. here are tips 4 a good password!

1 Use symbols Like ! # $ *  couse than its dificoult to get the password

2 Use Figures Here is a exempale “idoyoutube4lol!”

3 Use Big letter’s  here is a exempale “Idoyoutube4lol!”

4 NEVER use a Name of a pet or someone couse than its not dificoult to hack a channel

Those are the tips Bye!

What is Google Awards

Google has also a award if you win a football tournament you Get a Trophy also you can get a Youtube Award The playbutton

1 You get the silfer Playbutton (100.000 SUBS)

2 You get the golden Playbutton (1.000.000 SUBS)


This is how many subs you need 4 a playbutton  (BUT YOU ALSO CAN MAKE ONE. I,m just maded one at home)

What do you need to make professional Gaming video’s?

If you are a youtuber than you always do something and if you do gaming on your channel this are the things you need to make a professional gaming setup for better gaming video’s Lets Begin                                                                                                                                                                                  (Best Choice Razer                                                                                                                Logitech Or Trust)

1 Gaming Mouse                                                                                                                      (Fast page switch It also can switch speed of the mouse)

2 Gaming Key board                                                                                                              (It have some nicer things than a normal keyboard it games better)

3 A populair game to play                                                                                                       ( call of duty forza horizon minecraft roblox                                                                     More people will be watching your vids)

4 Nice webcam                                                                                                                         (If you had a 360 pix quality would you be still watching?)

5 Good Headset                                                                                                                          ( 4 better Sound   )

Made By marcel cremers

Tip hoo to get people watching long your video

If you have a video you always want that people still watching your video’s long here are tips hoo to get people watching long your vids

1 Make action in the first 30 seconds                                                                           (Do you would scroll if in the first 30 seconds nothing happended)

2 Dont make your intro to long                                                                                          (Couse than people are scroling your vid and than leave)

3 Never say I dont know what we be doing this day in your Blog                  (People will think that this is gona be boring)

4 If you dont know what to do in your vid search action                                   (Do a Prank a challenge or a Q&A or else)                                                                 This are the tips hoo to get people watching your vids long

Made by Marcel Cremers

Hoo to get many vieuws?

Hello i”m Marcel and i”m gonna show you 3 tips how to get many vieuw”s lets start

1 Make Clickbait                                                                                                                    (Couse if you don”t have clickbait you get always a Little bit of views)

2 Make a nice title                                                                                                                  (Couse if i had a vid and the name was (Vlog 2#)would you watch it?No)

3  Make a good Vid                                                                                                                (Tip the first 30 seconds are the important”s)